Transforming Your Basement To A Wine Cellar

Wine collecting is now being practiced by many; and wine enthusiasts know how important it is to have a proper storage or cellar to prolong the life of a great wine. I was able to talk with Basement Builders a calgary basement renovator on the basics of how to make a wine cellar, without involving too much technical work. I am jumping on the bandwagon of collecting wines and I have grown to appreciate them more today; therefore I am looking into transforming my basement into a wine cellar that can house my collection and at the same time entertain guests. Here are some of the tips he shared about renovating my basement to become my dream wine cellar:


  1. Temperature is key to storing great wine.

Truth be told, there is an HVAC system that is specifically designed to cater wine storage units. If you have the budget for it, this is a better investment since it will keep constant track and balance the temperature in a way that the usual conditioning systems cannot. Depending on your location, there might be a need to invest on an HVAC system or just let mother nature do its task.


  1. Invest on insulation material.

Not all cellars need to be artificially ventilated, this depends on the state of the storage area. If your basement is general apt for wine storage, then the only thing you should watch out for is mold or moisture buildup. The right insulation material within walls will keep moisture away and hinder microorganisms from growing near your wine collection. Note however that insulation must not only be limited to wall fillings but must also be installed within floors and ceilings to maximize moisture absorption and keep the place conducive for storage.


  1. Work with the space that is available.

If you do not have that much wine to stack, then you might not need that much space to store your collection. Consider having a built-in wine rack in your basement and pair it with a wooden table and modern chairs, instead of creating racks which will take years to fill wine with. Work with the space that is available, remember that it is not about how big your collection is but it will always be about the quantity. In addition, having a table will allow you have guests over and you can share your hobby with them.


  1. Paint racks with low-VOC paints.

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, which may affect the taste and quality of your wine collection. If you plan on repainting your shelves, or applying paint finish at walls, make sure you look for a low-VOC label so as not to defeat the whole purpose of preserving the wine.


  1. Set the vibe with the right lights.

The right layout and storage of your collection will not be grand if not presented with the right kind of lighting. For this kind of space it is best to choose lights that give off orange to yellow light as this will add warmth to the room and set a vibe for relaxation.


You can never go wrong when you do something that is both a hobby and passion, so I’m sure your space renovation will turn out great so as long as you research and understand these basics.