Open call from February 15 to March 15

The King Juan Carlos I Center of New York University is pleased to present the second call to participate in Region 0, which will take place in May 2013 in New York, United States.
Region 0 is an audiovisual term that is used informally to refer to the word “worldwide” or “worldwide”. Region 0 refers to this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčaudiovisual material that goes beyond international barriers.
The New York Video Art Latin Festival took place for the first time in March 2011 at the King Juan Carlos I Center of New York University in New York and it traveled to places around the world during 2012: Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Spain And the United States.
Spanish artists, artists from all over Latin America or Americans of Latin origin who are over 21 years old can participate.
Thematic is free.
A maximum of two videos per artist can be submitted.
The works must have been made after the year 2009 and will not have a duration greater than 10 minutes.
In the case that the works contain dialogues, texts or songs relevant to their comprehension in a language other than English, they must be subtitled in English.
The deadline for submission of works is one month. From February 15 to March 15, 2013. No work presented outside these dates will be admitted.
The selection of the videos participating in the festival will be made online. All works must be submitted through the internet.
The selection and commissioning of video programming for the festival will be carried out by Eva Mendoza Chandas, curator of the festival, who will select the works presented provided they meet the requirements established in the bases. The videos will be selected taking into account their quality, as well as the originality of the proposal and its aesthetic and conceptual research.
The selected artists will be contacted by the organization via email during the month of April.
Special Mentions
A jury made up of two professionals of recognized international prestige in the art world will be in charge of granting the special mentions.
Three works from among those selected for the festival program will receive a special mention, each endowed with 500 dollars. The financial envelope will be subject to US tax treatment.
The organization reserves the right to substitute any member of the jury if necessary.
The decision of the jury will be unappealable.
1. Link to videos for complete and correct viewing. The link can be to youtube, vimeo, the artist’s website, etc.
2. Technical data of the submitted videos that must include: Title, author or authors, year of completion, duration and a brief synopsis of the pieces. The documentation must be presented in its original language and in English.
3. Two images of each of the works presented in JPEG format at a resolution of 300 DPI and a maximum size of 30 x 30 cm.
4. Curriculum vitae of the artist or group indicating a contact email.
Artists interested in participating must send the required
The selected artists are committed to send the video files of the selected pieces within 1 week from their communication. The files must be sent via Internet and must conform to the following format: pixels. The files will only be sent after receiving the communication from the festival of having been selected.
Projections of selected works
The video festival will take place on May 16, 17 and 18 at the Rey Juan Carlos I Center of New York University in New York, where the selected videos will be screened.
The organization is committed to give the widest possible dissemination to the works selected at the festival.
The selected artists are committed to assigning the rights to display their videos during the duration of the festival, as well as for possible festival itineraries to other centers and institutions.
The selected artists are committed to the transfer of the images, for dissemination, promotion, and archive of the festival.
The participation in the festival implies the acceptance of the present bases